About Us

Our Vision

The Experience Bank Group will play a key role in supporting as many North East based SMEs and charities as possible to achieve sustainable growth, create more jobs, and generate maximum economic wealth and social prosperity for our great region.

Our Purpose

Experience Bank Group enables and supports North East based SMEs and charities to build and maintain high performing boards and leadership teams that are more resilient and responsive, can lead successful turnaround or transformation strategies, are better equipped to plan strategically and deliver sustainable growth, seed and feed innovation, and attain excellent standards of governance.

Led by Peter Neal

A niche recruitment consultancy that is very good at finding the right board and senior management talent at the right time for SMEs and charities located in the North East of England.
For over 25 years, Peter has worked for and with SMEs and charities across the North East of England, dedicated his time to identifying, assessing, tracking, and placing hundreds of executive and non-executive directors and trustees.

Led by Andrew Marsh

A specialist board performance and governance consultancy, with a particular interest in how best to set up a new board; creating and maintaining a high performing board; improving specific governance skills for boards and individuals; and providing impartial, non-legal conflict or dispute guidance and support.
Andrew brings over 20 years of board level experience to help leaders challenge the art of the possible and deliver it. Working with clients to develop and execute change and growth strategies, he firmly believes that there isn’t an issue that can’t be shared, problem that can’t be solved, or goal that can’t be achieved.
We provide a suite of peer group and coaching programmes specifically for current and future leadership talent.
The peer group programmes will generate ongoing leadership development impacts that exceed what is possible in one-off training events or one-on-one coaching.
Our coaching programme is for directors and senior managers ready to take the next ‘step change’ in their careers and intent on presenting the ‘very best version of themselves’.
All our programmes are designed and delivered in partnership with expert practitioners with an outstanding track record of facilitating high impact, transformational, long-lasting professional and personal development.

Curated by Peter Neal and
overseen by an Advisory Board

The Experience Bank™, is an independent, not-for-profit, social enterprise established to champion the value of non-executive support to founding entrepreneurs, and provides early-stage businesses and small charities free access to a carefully curated pool of non-executive and board advisory talent.

A Virtuous Circle

The Experience Bank Group creates a funding stream for our social enterprise, The Experience Bank™, from revenue generated by our commercial consultancy services invested in by more established organisations (those that can afford it) to help early stage businesses and small charities (those that can’t afford it).

Standards of Service (Our 5E promise)


We will always attend confirmed meetings prepared and on time.


We will always treat clients with respect and will always act in a professional manner.


We will always treat clients equally. We do not prioritise clients. No client is more important than another.


We will always make ourselves available for general communications as much as possible. If we are not able to talk to you, send an email or leave a phone message and we will reply within 24 hours.


We will always treat communications or information shared by a client with the utmost confidentiality. Nothing will be shared with others unless you give permission.

" Brilliant boards build brilliant businesses.”

Copyright The Experience Bank Group, which comprises TEB Partnership Limited Co No 9900261 (The Experience Bank™) and EB Strategic Talent Ltd Co No 12574098 (EB Board Level Recruitment, EB High Performing Boards and EB Continuous Professional Development). Registered office: 13 The Grove, Forest Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 9PE