Arif Takes Board Position

March 25, 2021
Arif Shahab

Business leader Arif Shahab is delighted to be using his experience to drive forward one of the region’s manufacturing companies, thanks to Peter Neal at Experience Bank Group.

The appointment to Chair of the Board at Turnbull and Scott was made following the introduction from Peter via his EB Board Level Recruitment division of Experience Bank Group. When an investor of Turnbull and Scott’s approached Peter for the services of EB Board Level Recruitment, Peter was quick to recognise Arif as a potential candidate.

Turnbull and Scott is an industrial heat exchanger & commercial and industrial heater manufacturer based in Scotland. Arif has been appointed to lead the board and to advise on a growth strategy for the business. As part of that he is refocusing the company on it’s next five years of business planning, concentrating on becoming a world class manufacturer . Following his appointment, Arif praised Peter’s aptitude to identify good fit high quality opportunities and is now relishing his role at the 80 year old company. Arif explained:

“Peter and I used to work together when I ran Thermacore Europe, so when he got in touch and invited me to take a look at an opportunity he had, I jumped at the chance.

“Having travelled the world for much of my career managing large organisations, including living in Brussels, we arrived in the North East 20 years ago and it has become our home. We have decided to stay here indefinitely and I am keen to be part of the local business community.

It is an innovative region with great investment, universities and pioneering commerce, so I feel honoured to be appointed for my knowledge and expertise.

“I have also joined Peter’s curated network of business leaders which he uses for the philanthropic bank of knowledge at The Experience Bank, helping start ups and charities, which is very rewarding too.”

Experience Bank Group incorporates The Experience Bank social enterprise company (philanthropic support), along with the commercial venture EB Board Level Recruitment and an additional service to improve board performance through EB High Performing Boards.

Living in Northumberland , Arif has also taken on the role of chairman for YMCA North Tyneside. He said:

“Peter has a real skill to make the right marriage of skills and business needs. It is an important decision for both parties and Peter recognises where chemistry will happen.

“I would encourage any NED’s to get in touch with him to both join The Experience Bank to help start ups and to source good NED positions for themselves.”

With it’s combination of specialist expertise, Experience Bank Group is uniquely positioned to help organisations ensure they have the right skills in the boardroom and optimum board performance with higher value creation.

For founding entrepreneurs and small charities, the social enterprise company, The Experience Bank, has a carefully curated network of inspiring, experienced people who can add value to many start-up businesses and small charities, and can match entrepreneurs to non-execs who support businesses to become investment-ready or to successfully achieve the next phase of commercialisation.

Peter, who expanded The Experience Bank into the Group with its different offerings just last year, said:

“It is really rewarding when a company is looking to recruit at such a high level and we make such a perfect match. Arif’s knowledge is already proving invaluable to Turnbull and Scott.

“The beauty of EB Board level Recruitment is that we specialise in this calibre of candidate, perfect for a whole range of businesses including long established companies wanting to start on their next journey.

“At the moment many organisations are needing to pivot or grow their customer base or offering. Existing boards often need a new leader to refresh their thinking to do that, and we have great relationships with experienced leaders who are looking to share their knowledge and guidance.” 

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" Brilliant boards build brilliant businesses.”

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