Be Your Best: Springboard Coaching

Are you a senior manager or director ready to make the next ‘step change’ in your career and intent on presenting the very best version of you?

We can help you

  • To feel satisfied that you have presented the best, authentic version of yourself in every recruitment process.
  • To be able to articulate your competence & experience in a confident, clear way that best showcases your skills & abilities.
  • To learn more about your strengths & blindspots & how these impact you as a leader & to feel comfortable talking about them at interview.
  • And much more...



Andy Williamson, OPITO

Rae is an exceptional practitioner and master of her art. Her ability to get to grips with individual personal objectives – and understand these in the context of complex organisational/market behaviours – is truly outstanding. Rae will get beyond the brief and challenge you to think differently. I’d highly recommended Rae based on my own experience which has yielded very positive outcomes.

" Brilliant boards build brilliant businesses.”

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