Be Your Best: Springboard Coaching

Building candidate knowledge, skills & confidence to transition to new opportunities faster.

Who are you?

A senior manager or director ready to make the next ‘step change’ in your career and intent on presenting the very best version of you.

Your situation

  • You’ve had little investment in personal development, lack recent experience
    of recruitment processes and are keen to invest to improve your success in securing your next position.
  • You’ve got extensive experience at a senior level but lack the confidence & knowledge about how best to present that to potential employers.
  • You are frustrated that you often leave interviews feeling you could have done more/said things differently & that the potential employer didn’t see the very best version of you.
  • You struggle to articulate clearly the best examples of your skills & experience & relate them to this opportunity.
  • You lack self-awareness about your preferences as a leader, how you make decisions, how you deal with conflict & how you respond to change, stress & conflict.
  • You get all the way through a lengthy recruitment process to the final 2 and then get feedback that you’re appointable but keep getting pipped at the post.
  • You’ve never received professional, objective feedback & you’d really value a fresh perspective on how to bring the best version of yourself to the selection process.
  • You lack confidence to engage in a genuinely 2 way recruitment process & are concerned you might make a poor choice of role/organisation because you feel under pressure to find a job.
  • You feel very rusty & out of touch with the job market & need some input & support to get in the zone.

What would you rather have?

  • To feel satisfied that you have presented the best, authentic version of yourself in every recruitment process.
  • To be able to articulate your competence & experience in a confident, clear way that best showcases your skills & abilities.
    To feel in control as you step up into the next career move.
  • To learn more about your strengths & blindspots & how these impact you as a leader & to feel comfortable talking about them at interview.
  • To shift mindset from ‘it might be possible’ to it’s ‘definitely doable’.
  • To be open & authentic whilst inspiring confidence through your presence
    & gravitas.
  • To be confident you are making the right decision for this important next step.
  • To give employers confidence that they are making a great recruitment decision.
  • To be stretched out of your comfort zone into your learning zone & to have experienced both high support & high challenge.
  • All the information you need about values & culture so that you make an informed choice to accept or decline an offer.
  • Specific feedback to help grow your confidence & skills in performing at your best through the recruitment process.
Rae Gaukroger

How can you get there?

Initial 30 minute ‘chemistry call’ with Rae to understand more about context, specific needs & what success looks like. A tailored coaching plan with the option to complete & receive feedback on a Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality inventory (MBTI).


Your coaching programme will be tailored to achieve your specific objectives.

Initial briefing and preparation “chemistry” meeting £FOC

90 minute coaching session
£375 plus VAT

Myers Briggs Type Indicator session with a full Personal Impact report (2 hours – optional) £375 plus VAT


Rae is an exceptional practitioner and master of her art. Her ability to get to grips with individual personal objectives – and understand these in the context of complex organisational/market behaviours – is truly outstanding. Rae will get beyond the brief and challenge you to think differently. I’d highly recommended Rae based on my own experience which has yielded very positive outcomes.

Andy Williamson, OPITO

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Rae Gaukroger

Rae Gaukroger

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