Future Leader Peer Groups

The Value of Future Leader Peer Groups

Many suggest that peer groups and peer learning are the future of management and leadership development; and we’d certainly agree.

By bringing people together who have no formal accountability to or interactions with each other, it’s possible to create deep learnings that wouldn’t otherwise be attainable.

Working with like-minded business leaders and managers is known to be an effective way to share knowledge, find solutions to common challenges, and explore ideas and approaches that you may never have considered but are proven to work in other businesses.

It’s also an opportunity for managers to explore the relationship between their own personal growth as a leader and the impact they will have on the business.

And then there’s the ripple effect; your managers’ growth will undoubtedly drive the growth of those around them.

As the saying goes, if two minds are better than one, imagine the power of 12.

The Experience Bank Group launched the peer group programme early in 2022, and its impact and potential were quickly recognised by Jackson Hogg Limited, a values-driven and highly successful talent solutions business. The Experience Bank Group and Jackson Hogg have perfectly aligned values and objectives and are committed to delivering outstanding and innovative solutions to support organisations with their talent attraction and talent development.

We are excited to announce that Jackson Hogg and The Experience Bank Group have joined forces to develop the Future Leader Peer Groups further so that more businesses can have access to this proven and highly effective leadership development programme.