High Performing Boards

What do we do?

We design and deliver board evaluation and effectiveness reviews that result in improved leadership, greater clarity of roles and responsibilities, improved teamwork, greater accountability, more innovation and diversity of thinking, better decision-making, improved communication, and more efficient board operations.

Each assignment is tailored to suit our client’s needs, and could include:

  • interview or questionnaire-based reviews
  • a review of board papers, meeting observations and in-depth, candid discussions
  • the provision of a detailed insight into the workings of the board
  • the identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • the identification of the changes that will enable the board to achieve its full potential
  • a look to the future and identification of opportunities for improvement and development
  • a contribution to board succession planning

Why do we do it?

A board that truly adds value is not just a group of high performing individuals. A great board is a balanced team with complementary skill sets and a culture that allows them to work together to make the most effective decisions for an organisation. It is the full participation of every board member that contributes the most to the effectiveness of a board.

Who do we work with?

We do our very best work with privately-owned, PE-backed, or AIM-listed SMEs, autonomous subsidiaries of larger corporates, social enterprises, and charities across the North East of England.

Why choose us?

Our purpose is to support entrepreneurialism and business growth in the North East of England.

We are only interested in building long-term, strategic partnerships based on meaningful and opportunity-creating collaboration.
We are independent, objective, sensitive, straightforward, pragmatic, and thorough. We offer:

  • an understanding of how boards work and how board members should work collectively and effectively
  • the insight to identify key issues and opportunities for individual and team development
  • a professional and personal approach
  • to reinforce a culture of high performance and improve the relationship between a company’s board and its management
  • the experience to deal with sensitive issues
  • effective coaching, team building and ethics shaping activity

5% of fee revenue is gifted to our social enterprise, The Experience Bank™ , to give more start-up and early stage enterprises, charities and social enterprises free access to invaluable, non-executive support that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible, for them to find or afford.


Dr Emma Black, MD at Cascade Cash

Working with Andrew unlocks ideas in my mind; he helps me to get the best out of me. Our group sessions are always productive and it’s incredibly useful to know what others are doing with their own businesses at any one time. Each session without fail has acted as a catalyst to a number of spin off ideas for Cascade, with actions that complement our own ideas and direction perfectly.

Joanne Warren, MD at Lumo Tax

Since working with Andrew, I have been very impressed with his knowledge and expertise in all business matters. If business owners have the opportunity to work with Andrew, I would definitely recommend it.

Peter Lyons, Director at NECIT Services

After meeting Andrew I realised that I had found an seasoned business ally who could give me a focused response to the issues I was finding most difficult. He steered me in the right direction, giving me the right tips and tricks at the right time, without flooding me with high level business lingo.

Andrew Silver, Owner of 360 Growth Partners and Chair of The Key

I have enjoyed a business relationship with Peter Neal of The Experience Bank Group for over 12 years now. During that time he has been a confidante, trusted advisor, recruiter, connector and an honest, challenging collaborator. He is someone that I trust, who gives sound advice and is incredibly well connected with the business sector of the region.

He has recently helped place our new CEO at The Key. We needed a specific set of skills and experience and Peter presented us with a number of extremely strong candidates. I am delighted to say we made an appointment and he is now in position.