Len Paolillo, President of Standex ETG

July 20, 2021
Len Paolillo

Len Paolillo, President of Standex ETG is based in Boston, USA and regularly uses the Experience Bank Group to recruit for its UK based business, Spincraft UK.

Spincraft UK offers engineered solutions to the aviation, oil, gas and medical markets with its core process being spin forming, and the other critical added value processes.

Len engaged the Experience Bank Group’s Board Level Recruitment service to undertake a search for a MD for Spincraft UK, resulting in the appointment of Don Murray earlier this year. Here is what Len had to say about his experience of working with Peter Neal and the Experience Bank Group:

“I have known Peter since 2010 when we acquired the business in the UK. We were looking for leadership people, and Peter was introduced to us. We have regular interaction, and he has helped me on a number of occasions, either directly or indirectly. He gives invaluable advice on the skills needed for a role, as well as finding the “right people”. I have confidence that he understands the employment landscape.

“The Experience Bank Group has been an extremely valuable resource, especially during the pandemic when we have not been able to visit from the USA. Peter has continued to engage with us and found us Don. Interviewing via zoom is not ideal, so we have had to have complete trust in Peter’s instincts and the detailed background he gives on the individual beyond their CV. He always presents us with strong candidates, recognising they must have the skill set but just as important the right personalities along with being a great judge of character.

“My personal experience in using recruitment experts for hiring in the US highlights a distinct difference in engagement with Peter – Peter is less transactional and more focused on getting the right person to the right job. For this role, that was not an easy challenge, as very specific skills were needed including a strong manufacturing background with both business and engineering acumen. The person needed to be client facing but also be able to make decisions with myself and the team.

“Don joined us in May, and we believe that we made the right decision appointing him. He fits well within the business and is already displaying how he will grow the business.”

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