The Covid Experiences of the Experience Bank Group

July 29, 2021

The Purpose Made Podcast – Episode #11 Now Live

In this episode we chat to the wonderful Peter Neal and Andrew Marsh of The Experience Bank Group.

The Experience Bank Group was founded on May 31st 2020 and primarily focuses on supporting SME’s and charities to build effective boards and optimise performance.

Some of our listeners may have had the pleasure of speaking with either Andrew or Peter via the Experience Bank or through the numerous peer support groups they also chair. Andrew for example chairs peer support groups for Vistage UK helping executives drive better results whilst Peter also chairs peer groups with Andrew and for non-executives helping to optimise performance.

Chatting to Peter and Andrew was a pleasure and in today’s episode we discuss:

✅ Their career journey’s
✅ Combatting Covid and the challenges faced
✅ The growth and development of the Experience Bank and
✅ What they envisage for the future once the pandemic abates.

So sit back, relax and we do hope you enjoy.

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