The Experience Bank Group Applaud New Partnership Set to Bring New Investment to Region

December 20, 2020

The Experience Bank Group is pleased to share the news that one of its members, Jonathan Gold, has partnered with WH Ireland to bring more investment options to North East SMEs.

Jonathan and WH Ireland recently worked on the Elmtronics deal together securing £1.5m worth of private investment for the County Durham based company which is one of the UK’s leading independent supplier of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

And now the formation of the new partnership between Jonathan Gold and WH Ireland will expand the ability to invest in growth businesses across the North East, Tees Valley and the wider North, something that Peter Neal at The Experience Bank is delighted about.

Jonathan, who relocated to the North East 18 years ago, has created several venture funds and attracted significant capital, and works closely with The Experience Bank Group to introduce investors to local businesses, said:

“The funding secured for Elmtronics supported the company in its rollout of regional offices throughout the UK and directly led to the creation of 19 jobs, principally based around their head office in the North East.

“Following that success and being aware of the team and connection to investors by WH Ireland, I’m really pleased to be working with them to source this investment for the region. Their commitment to the region reflects a growing interest in the success of vibrant engineering and software companies that are a feature of our landscape.

I’m also pleased to be connected closely with Experience Bank as it’s a natural place for growing businesses to go with their development needs. WH Ireland and I look forward to working with them as we go forward.

WH Ireland raise money for private companies through a wide range of sources of capital including pre- IPO funding, EIS/VCT funds, and private equity, encompassing everything from large institutions to high- net-worth individuals and family offices through the WH Ireland Investor Forum.

Peter, who recently expanded The Experience Bank into the Experience Bank Group offering both commercial executive and board recruitment services as well as providing philanthropic support for Start Up business, said:

“Having people the calibre of Jonathan as members is what makes The Experience Bank offering as strong as it is. This partnership will help so many companies fulfill their vision in the North East, whether it be through ourselves or other routes. It is excellent news, and we aim to support Jonathan in every way we can, as well enjoy his input into our client base too.”

On explaining the new partnership, Adam Pollock, head of corporate and institutional broking at WH Ireland, commented:

“The current investment climate sees continuing investor demand for growth businesses across the UK. We are delighted to extend our reach particularly into the Tees Valley and more generally the North East following our new arrangement with Jonathan Gold in his capacity as a Consultant to WH Ireland. We will be looking for both debt and equity raising roles in the region and also offering our M&A and general financial advisory to capabilities to businesses in the region.”

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