Transformational Property Development Company to Thrive Thanks to Philanthropic Support

August 1, 2022
Off G

Off G, founded by Giuseppe and Gemma Ferrara, is on a new track to bring transformational property developments alongside unique project management consultancy to the region and beyond, thanks to the philanthropic support from The Experience Bank.

Focusing on Nature, Art, and Off Grid, to ensure Nature focused and transformational developments, Off G is gaining traction with investors and backers to support its upcoming development work. To date it has been working with a varied Client base from public sector to private developers, providing inspirational and unique project management consultancy in the sector. Now Off G is on the cusp of an exciting new phase.

With experience gained over many years on prestigious projects in both commercial and residential construction, Giuseppe excels at inspiring Clients to find a simpler way in their construction projects, and to do so has streamlined some of the most complex processes into simple visual cloud-based tools. This allows stakeholders, designers and contractors to collaborate seamlessly removing email trails and unnecessary admin. Now this experience is being put to bear fruit on the new Off G developments, allowing Giuseppe to lead on transformation from the front.

Ready for its next stage of growth, Giuseppe met Peter Neal from The Experience Bank via an introduction made through the NatWest accelerator. Peter spent time getting to know the couples’ challenges and then approached his panel of experienced and knowledgeable advisors, to see who could offer support. He said:

“Off G’s model has some great potential and with the guidance of the advisors I am excited to see where the company, which is now bringing its two offerings into one streamlined enterprise, goes. The vision is innovative and appealed to many of my contacts, so much so we had a fabulous response with 10 advisors wanting to help.”

Giuseppe is the process of bringing in the advisors into the business. He said:

“So far, the advisors who are now hands on have given me a real shake up. It is leading to a major reshape which involves branding, prices, sales, outreach and business solutions. The experience was actually quite tough at first, to realise that I had joined a super fast lane of business acceleration, but now it is exciting, and truly inspiring. Already we are operating better, and fully embracing a future I hadn’t thought possible previously. One of the Advisors, Andrew Pickersgill, has since joined us as Non Executive Director and has offered the support of transformational investment for Off G via his company McGovern.

The transformation of better ways of building for a new way of living is just around the corner and Off G will be instrumental in that thanks to Peter and The Experience Bank.”

Experience Bank Group incorporates The Experience Bank philanthropic, social enterprise company along with a commercial venture providing three symbiotic services – EB Board Level Recruitment, EB High Performing Boards and EB Continuous Personal Development.

With this combination of specialist expertise, the Experience Bank Group is uniquely positioned to help organisations ensure they have not only the right skills in the leadership team and boardroom but also optimum board performance with higher value creation.

5% of all revenue from Experience Bank Group is gifted to The Experience Bank social enterprise to enable more start-ups, early-stage businesses, charities and social enterprises access to high quality, advisory and non-executive talent.

If you are keen to know more then visit or call Peter on 07843 329393.

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