Upskilling Accidental Managers Can Increase Your Bottom Line!

January 20, 2022
Angela Huntley Presenting

There are many shock-horror headlines about accidental managers, ‘accidental managers bleed bottom lines, accidental managers drain productivity and accidental managers are on the rise!

Let’s not forget, most accidental managers are hired on merit who have worked their way up the ranks and been promoted due to their technical ability, skills, and hard work. Yet, many do not receive the opportunity to learn management skills, they are catapulted into a role without experience or guidance. It’s no wonder many of them experience imposter syndrome, react inappropriately or follow the lead from the top creating clones and following a management style that may not be authentic to them! This can leave managers feeling lost, stressed and frustrated. And YES, they are more likely to have unfortunate and unintentional incidents.

Don’t get me wrong, having a manager who has climbed the ranks, believes and knows the vision and culture of a business and who has had an opportunity to develop managerial skills with increased pay is exceptional, but according to the Chartered Institute of Management (CIMA), many are left unsupported. This leads to loss of creativity, leaving them feeling inadequate and will decrease their ability to empower and lead others.

The Chartered Institute of Management (CIM) outlined that as many as three out of four managers are accidental and go without training and support. 

These managers may know how the business works, yet if they have a lack of managerial knowledge and skills they may lose morale and take longer to gain the knowledge and skills required for their role. This will decrease productivity, may affect customers, will overburden others and affect the bottom line.

Considering Upskilling Key Managers?

A traditional management programme may be good but it should not be the ‘Be All And End All’! Traditional management programmes can be very generic and may not apply to all cultures. Some run over a day or a few days meaning that managers who have been taught methods and techniques may not have time to ponder and slowly introduce over time; they may face resistance when they try. Only 10% of classroom learning is ever applied therefore a lot of the information may be forgotten without constant discussion around topics, reinforcement and support.

Why Peer Group Support and Learning?

Key managers may gain greatly from peer groups where they gain knowledge from other managers and pick up managerial skills and knowledge. This is a safe environment for accidental managers to pick relatable tools and techniques, slowly introduce learning and have a chance to discuss challenges that may arise with the trusted group.  They may realise that many managerial challenges are common and learn how others have dealt with barriers and challenges and what strategies may be successful in their setting.

The number of trusted key managers on the peer groups are small, 10-12, but enough to gain different strategies and techniques and the expert facilitator’s present relevant information and a growth programme to guide the group and gain more confidence as the group progresses.

These peer groups are held once a month, for a half-day, have ongoing information posted in a members forum and past material from group sessions will be accessible and available throughout.

Key managers come with real-life issues such as retention, recruitment or motivating staff. This transfer of information and strategy building can assist and save time and resources or may complement internal information sharing. If you would like more information on peer groups for your key manager or need help to grow confidence and competent managers then please contact Peter Neal on 07843 329 393 or at

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