Board Level Recruitment

Focussing exclusively on recruiting Board Directors (Executive and Non-Executive) and Senior Management roles. We identify existing and emerging talent, assess, track, and place the right candidates at the right time for our clients.

High Performing Boards

Designing and delivering board evaluation and effectiveness reviews that result in improved leadership, greater clarity of roles and responsibilities, improved teamwork, greater accountability, more innovation and diversity of thinking, better decision-making, improved communication, and more efficient board operations.

Continuous Professional Development

A Peer Group for Aspiring Non-Executive Directors, Trustees and Board Advisors. This Peer Group provides you with the business tools and resources to improve your decisions and get better results.

Experience Bank Group - Board Level Recruitment

Board Level Recruitment

Find the right board and senior management talent through our intuitive, insightful, and imaginative candidate sourcing and recruitment.

Experience Bank Group - High Performing Boards

High Performing Boards

Every board, whether for a startup or an established business, should be on a journey of continuous improvement and should embrace regular board evaluation.

Experience Bank Group - Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development

Our peer group, action learning, and coaching programmes are the future of management and leadership development.

The Four Pillars of Board Effectiveness

The Experience Bank Group will find you the right executive or non-executive directors, or Trustees through our holistic view of board level recruitment.

The Experience Bank Group will independently and objectively evaluate the effectiveness of your board.

The Experience Bank Group will provide pragmatic, insightful, and sensitive support to enhance your board’s performance.

Peter joins the ‘Fear Less, Do More’ Podcast

Peter joins Gill Hunter as they have a great chat about the business and the importance of ‘purpose beyond profit’ to the business. They also discuss how future talent in the region is being nurtured and the many hats that Peter wears in his busy life – including his experience of becoming a long-distance runner (and we’re talking 100 mile runs!).

Becoming a Non-Exec with Peter Neal

Have you ever thought about becoming a non-executive director? But don’t know the ins-and-outs of what it entails? In this episode, Peter Neal is here to give you all the information you need on obtaining a non-exec role. We speak about what a non-executive director is, the responsibilities involved, how much they get paid and where to find these opportunities.

" Brilliant boards build brilliant businesses.”

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