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Our mission is to enable North East businesses and charities to build, develop and maintain high performing boards and leadership teams.

Board Level Recruitment

Find the right board and senior management talent through our intuitive, insightful, and imaginative candidate sourcing and recruitment.

High Performing Boards

Every board, whether for a startup or an established business, should be on a journey of continuous improvement and should embrace regular board evaluation.

Continuous Professional Development

Our peer group, action learning, and coaching programmes are the future of management and leadership development.

The Experience Bank™

An independent social enterprise providing early-stage businesses and charities free access to a carefully curated pool of non-executive and board advisory talent.

Creating a Virtuous Circle

5% of revenue from commercial activities is gifted to The Experience Bank™ enabling more start-ups, early-stage businesses, charities, and social enterprises free access to great board advisory and non-executive talent.

Fear Less, Do More

Out now! Peter joins the ‘Fear Less, Do More’ Podcast

Peter joins Gill Hunter as they have a great chat about the business and the importance of ‘purpose beyond profit’ to the business. They also discuss how future talent in the region is being nurtured and the many hats that Peter wears in his busy life – including his experience of becoming a long-distance runner (and we’re talking 100 mile runs!).

The Four Pillars of Board Effectiveness

(IMD Dec 2014)


Information Architecture

Structures and Processes

Group Dynamics

The Experience Bank Group will find you the right executive or non-executive directors.

The Experience Bank Group will independently and objectively evaluate the effectiveness of your board. The Experience Bank Group will provide pragmatic, insightful, and sensitive support to enhance your board’s performance.

“Brilliant boards build brilliant businesses”