Future Leader Peer Groups

How it works

  • An in-person meeting each month facilitated by one of our expert coaches
  • Agenda aligned to issues facing group members, along with flexible ‘curriculum’ of relevant techniques and tools
  • Focus on personal growth to support leadership and management skills
  • Each member can and should bring topics, issues, opportunities, or questions for discussion
  • Relevant speakers and subject matter experts invited where it supports the challenges faced by the group
  • All members will always commit to full confidentiality and the group charter
  • Members encouraged to maintain a ‘record of progress’
  • Brief topic summary provided to support individual notes following each session

Typical Workshop Topics

  • Strategic thinking
  • Culture and employee engagement
  • Customer experience
  • Brand development and communication
  • Data
  • Business / digital transformation
  • Operations
  • Reporting and presentation
  • Corporate storytelling
  • Performance culture and management
  • Project management


Membership is £350 per month on a six month, renewable contract.

Built on the core foundation of psychological safety, members can expect to go on a rewarding journey of personal development, exploring the above topics (and more) in context-relevant situations.

Peer-based learning is unique in its blend of professional coaching from a facilitating chair and mentoring directly from their peer group. By bringing people together who have no formal accountability to or interactions with each other, it’s possible to create deep learnings that wouldn’t otherwise be attainable. Working with like-minded business leaders and managers is known to be an effective way to share knowledge, solutions to common challenges, and explore ideas and approaches that you may never have considered but are proven to work in other businesses.
It’s also an opportunity for managers to explore the relationship between their own personal growth as a leader and the impact they will have on the business. And then there’s the ripple effect; your managers’ growth will undoubtedly drive the growth of those around them. As the saying goes, if two minds are better than one, imagine the power of 12.

The Future Leader Peer Groups are semi-structured, with a flexible 'curriculum’ of topics always aligned to the challenges faced by the group members.

Each session will combine personal growth with the opportunity to apply business techniques and theory, and of course, bring shared experiences to solve common challenges.
Our Peer Groups are made up of up to 12 like-minded individuals from a diverse range of North East based based organisations, all focused on developing leadership potential. With clear expectations, set by themselves and their fellow group members, your managers will be accountable to their peers in a very different way to the usual pressures and reporting structures they have at work.


Research shows that a massive 97% of individuals who currently have or have had mentors in the past feel they are highly impactful and valuable.


of professionals claim that having access to mentoring is a factor in their staying with an organisation.


of employees state they would stay with an organisation for longer if it was investing in their careers.

What can your managers expect from our peer groups?

  • Built on core foundations of psychological safety, our Peer Groups are safe and
    trusted, non-judgemental, collaborative, objective and fair.
  • Not only does that create a sense of connectedness, this also provides the freedom to
    think and speak without limits.
  • In addition to covering the broadest range of functional disciplines, participants
    will work on the so-called softer skills that research suggests account for 85% of job
  • In fact, we’re confident that participants will learn as much about themselves and their
    business by solving someone else’s challenges as they will when the focus is on them.

Who will benefit from being part of a Peer Group?

The Future Leader Peer Groups are ideal for those who have moved from a functional role into management with little formal training. Equally, they offer an opportunity for those with a more formal background to experience an intensely practical environment in which to apply their learning.
Free from the constraints of daily imperatives, our Peer Groups are a time-efficient way to broaden perspectives, benefit from the experience and knowledge of others in a similar position, and learn new leadership and management skills in a context-relevant situation. Some managers can be unaware of the value of the tacit knowledge that they have
accumulated and the Peer Groups will help them build the confidence to make the most of the knowledge they already have.

Businesses and individuals benefit equally

According to research, peer groups enable businesses to advance growth by two to three times their normal levels. By learning outside of their normal work environment, across markets and industries, your managers will be able to leverage the knowledge they acquire and share new tools and ideas with the wider business.
They’ll also appreciate the investment and commitment you’re making in them, driving loyalty and engagement. Critically, the Peer Group will give them the opportunity to practice new skills in a safe space - enhancing valuable leadership skills, such as listening, being vulnerable, getting comfortable with others’ perspectives and emotions, asking insightful questions, giving and getting direct feedback, and helping people and their own solutions. What’s more they’ll be bolder; they’ll enhance their strategic thinking skills; and they’ll become better.

Facilitating Coach Profile

Stephen Green

Stephen Green

With a career spanning more than 30 years, Stephen combines business, marketing, coaching and innovation tools and techniques to identify challenges, pinpoint priorities and create value. Now a regular facilitator at Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival, his experience ranges from public sector through to a range of diverse industries including retail, education, technology, engineering and pharmaceutical. During his time at the Entrepreneurs’ Forum he worked with and coached more than 200 business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, as a result gaining key insights into the challenges common to all businesses and organisations.

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