EB Peer Group for NEDs and Board Advisors: Strengthening Portfolios and Overcoming Challenges

June 8, 2023

Last week we enjoyed another session at our EB peer group for aspiring and existing NED’s, Trustees, Board Advisors and Consultants to Boards.

As usual, the meeting did not disappoint with facilitator Andrew Marsh getting us to look at some gritty content around questions posed by members of the group.

We welcomed new member Garry Sheriff and then we all reaffirmed our commitment to the values and principles of the group by signing a new charter which outlines our promises for open, respectful and transparent code of conduct, allowing all the group to have confidence that the cohort is right for them and vice versa.

We heard some great progress from some members before moving on to look at how we can all strengthen our portfolio and our own brand as NED’s. It was a spirited and insightful conversation that gave us all a lot to think about.

Next on the agenda was how to help smaller businesses, and what due diligence and induction checklists we should all have when starting new positions on any boards in the future. It’s great how working through things like with a group throws up new ideas, as well as cementing factual necessities.

Finally, we explored what a NED can do if they are working with someone in the operational leadership team who is resistant to change. Some really useful action points were agreed along with us collectively agreeing a final action, should the situation not be able to be resolved.

Garry closed the meeting with feedback on how he had found his first session. He is now glad to be confirmed as a member, found it really got the ‘grey matter going’, and can’t wait for next month when he can really open up and contribute.

We now have a waiting list for this group, so if you are serious about joining in 2023, please do get in touch with me and we can discuss finer details.

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