Recruitment Trends Expected for 2023

May 12, 2023

Peter Neal, founder The Experience Bank Group, is well known for his expertise in leadership and board level recruitment, as well as for his support for SME’s ready for that next stage of growth who need advice from an experienced panel of experts.

Here is his latest blog, he looks at his own predictions of what he thinks the recruitment trends of 2023 are likely to be:

“In early and mid 2022, a lot of the recruitment projects I was working on were to fill gaps by people suddenly moving on. It was very much being seen as a job hunters market place, with better salaries being paid and negotiations of benefits open to the right people who would move. This left openings in companies that needed filling quickly, especially if it was a CEO or MD who moved on.

“Luckily my contact book and my bank of experts and leaders, meant I could help most of those companies, with a choice of more than one ideal candidate.

“Towards the end of the year, there was a definite shift which I see continuing into and throughout 2023. Moving on from the impact of the pandemic, many companies in the region, whilst feeling the general cost of crisis, also were focusing on opportunity and on being strategic.

“This has meant a restructure of the team, and particularly in owner managed companies, either a new leader or a new board. This approach is seeing these companies strengthen their position in their markets and align for growth, stability and expansion of prospects.

“Even though we are only the first week into the year, another trend I see emerging is companies that are recruiting looking for long term, permanent leaders. There is a definite move away from leaders being appointed for just the next stage, or under a contract length. Uncertainty brought about by the staffing shortages, means that companies are looking for people who are a fit and want to go the full journey, not just a short trip. Commitment and dedication are going to be top key words in many job descriptions in 2023.

“A trend that I have been watching and is set to grown is automated recruitment. Whilst this appears to have some merits in speeding up the review of CV’s, it simply doesn’t tick the right boxes for me. Good recruitment at a higher level is about people, and that should always involve person to person interaction.

“Instead of getting simpler thanks to automation, I predict the trend will be that recruitment will get more creative and complex. It will become less about execution and more about talent strategy. Recruiters are growingly becoming more responsible for anticipating the needs of those hiring, bringing solutions, and spotting opportunities. This is a role I relish as those who know me, know how much I love to make a difference.

“Finally, I do not only predict but recommend my final expected trend for 2023. And that is that recruitment will be part of the strategic mix of the governance for any organisation. Recruiters should be expected to bring a perspective, advise, steer, and lead the way forward in the decision-making team and who makes it up. Personally, I have always positioned myself like that, aligning with the client’s business goals and advising on the best way to achieve them with the right people.

“In conclusion, my predicted trends should bring more benefits to employers, and cement relationships for long term satisfaction and success. Yes there are going to be challenges as the Gen Z flood the market, but for the leadership roles, tactical yet personable processes will drive success.”

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