Latest EB meeting

April 26, 2023

At the April meeting of the EB1 cohort, we enjoyed a fabulous new venue –a Board Room at the Cobalt Business Exchange – provided by one of our partners, Jackson Hogg.

Each month, our Experience Bank NED peer groups meet and cover a wide range of topics including the members bringing real-time issues and opportunities they are facing to each session.

The groups, which are made up of existing or aspiring Non-Executive Directors, Trustees, Board Advisors and Consultants to Boards, cover a wide range of topics that assist them with their roles, expand their knowledge and thinking, and give them a support network to consult with.

This month, we focused on how boards can be effective in keeping the operational team committed to having momentum. It was a current and pressing issue for one of our members, generated healthy debate, and threw out many interesting suggestions from the rest of the cohort. It really focused us on the oversight role of the board and holding the executive team accountable for execution of the strategic plan.

We also looked at what the first three months of joining a board should look like, how to attract investment, and also encouraged a member to use our “critical friend expertise” to assess his pitch. We told him what he had done well and how it would be even better if he…..

Our cohort sessions are packed with content and the time flies with full member engagement, but we don’t just connect on the day we get together. Unanswered questions move onto our What’s App group chat, meaning the contact, support and camaraderie continues between sessions – before the next gathering we will be chatting about investors, the Hoshin Kanri X Matrix, and suggesting topics/expert speakers to plan into future sessions.

Most importantly our group is focused on helping its members to achieve success in their NED, Trustee, advisory and consulting portfolios, and it’s a joy to see how these are developing. If you would like a taster session with our members, visit to get the ball rolling.

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" Brilliant boards build brilliant businesses.”

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