Northern Engineering Solutions Limited

May 9, 2019

Northern Engineering Solutions Ltd was formed in 2008 and has grown steadily over the intervening period. During this time their customer base has expanded and due to their agility, experience and knowledge they have been able to grow their service offerings dramatically.

In early 2017 the Directors identified that they had reached a capacity ceiling and recognised the need to review and refocus the business to ensure that growth did not plateau, that business risks were reviewed and managed accordingly, and a strategy for the future was developed and implemented with the objectives of scaling-up the business and achieving sustainable growth from multiple revenue streams. Acknowledging that this could only be achieved through external support, the Directors embarked upon an exercise to source a suitable individual who could bring external knowledge and experience into the organisation and assist them on their growth journey. 

Through mutual acquaintances they met Simon Taylor in mid-2017, and following discussions a relationship was established that was focussed on assisting the Directors in realising their objectives.

Initially, Simon performed a branch to root review of NESL. In parallel, he supported the directors (through questioning, coaching and challenging ideas and norms) to review the historic objective of the business and subsequently clearly redefine the objective of the business over a 5-year horizon.

Following this, they embarked upon developing a business plan, strategies and action plans to cover a range of business areas including, but not limited to, governance, succession planning, risk management, business development, and marketing.

For example, one business risk was identified as the age profile of the workforce and the need to bring in some ‘new blood’ as some members of the team could be expected to retire in the next few years. Following a comprehensive review, it was decided to pursue a strategy employing apprentices, supporting the business and local communities.

An opportunity in the market place was identified to offer effluent treatment solutions and services. As a result of the business review activities and following a comprehensive process, the decision was taken to set-up Northern Effluent Solutions Ltd (NES Ltd), as a Division of Northern Engineering, in a response to their experiences with customer needs and recognising significant opportunities within the market.

With the plan, strategies and action plans in place, Simon has continued to support the business, mentoring the directors, providing guidance and experience on particular topics, as well as providing constructive challenge, encouraging and promoting the activities and behaviours that will support the business objective of sustainable growth.

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