The Experience Bank™

The Experience Bank™, is an independent, not-for-profit, social enterprise established to champion the value of non-executive and board advisory support to founding entrepreneurs, and provides early-stage businesses and small charities free access to a carefully curated pool of non-executive and board advisory talent.


Imagine being able to tap into a wealth of experience to take your business to the next level.

Every entrepreneur knows that the decision to take on a non executive director or board advisor – to let someone new into their business – is a huge step. So finding the right person, who will bring that perfect blend of challenge and support, is not easy.

That’s where The Experience Bank™ comes in…

Non execs and board advisors come in all shapes and sizes. From those with a very specific skill-set, who can bring a voice of experience to the table that will help focus the business, to someone whose skills and knowledge span all disciplines of business.

Whatever you are looking for, The Experience Bank™ can help connect you with people with the right competencies and motivations to help your business realise its potential.

Experienced business people are waiting to help North East businesses.

Businesses have benefited from our support so far.

The Experience Bank™ is free to access for most start-up and early-stage businesses and is run by business people who want to support the economic development of the North East, by helping entrepreneurs to excel, by bringing on board the right non executive or board advisor.

Inspired by the opportunity to make North East companies more investable, The Experience Bank™ was imagined and then created by business leaders who are passionate about the success of fledgling entrepreneurs that – with a little extra support – could really thrive. The Experience Bank’s work is shaped by a highly experienced and diverse Advisory Board who are driven by the desire to help businesses succeed, and ensure that all of the organisation’s efforts are geared towards this goal.

The team at The Experience Bank™ knows that having the right people and structures in place is the key for any ambitious business. And that’s what we’re here to support.

We make it easy for businesses to find people who we believe will:
  • Fit in with the culture of the business
  • Provide the right skill-set to drive the growth of the business
  • Be motivated and dedicated
  • Be ‘in it’ for the right reasons – to help your business grow.

We work with businesses to understand what the broader ambition of the business is, what they are looking for from their non exec or board advisor and then we work, hand-in-hand with the entrepreneur to appoint the most suitable person or people, based on their needs. We are impartial and unbiased, using our knowledge of the talented people we have signed up to The Experience Bank™ to help you find the right individual to realise your business’ objectives. Set up as a not-for-profit organisation, The Experience Bank™ has been built on the goodwill of experienced business people who understand the challenges that SMEs face, and who know that, by strengthening the governance of businesses with supportive, passionate and proven non-execs, it is possible to unlock vast potential and added value.

How we can help…

We have a tight network of experienced, motivated experts across all disciplines of business, who are ready and able to bring their knowledge to support start-up and early-stage businesses.

If you think a non executive or board advisor may add value to your company, we can help with:

  • Information about non executives or board advisors, what you can and cannot expect from one, and how they help your business
  • Identifying the skills and values your non executive or board advisor will need to possess, based on open and honest discussions with you
  • Mining the talented and experienced people we have in the Experience Bank, to help you shortlist possible non executives or board advisors we believe will be suitable
  • Advice about the best process to ensure you find and appoint the right person.

And if you’re a person who thinks you have the time, energy and ambition to become a non executive director or board advisor, we will:

  • Learn more about you and the skills you are able to bring to a business
  • Look out for the right opportunities for you to work with the businesses we support, to ensure that there is a great fit for you and the company.

We use our extensive contacts across North East industry to recruit potential non execs who are actively looking for the right opportunity to get on board with a business and help it move forward. We don’t publish the list of non executives we have signed up, but when a business is ready to add to their team, our promise is to find the most suitable person for the job from the wealth of contacts we have.

A Virtuous Circle

The Experience Bank Group creates a funding stream for our social enterprise, The Experience Bank™, from revenue generated by our commercial consultancy services invested in by more established organisations (those that can afford it) to help early stage businesses and small charities (those that can’t afford it).

5% of the revenue generated by Board Level Recruitment and High Performing Boards is gifted to The Experience Bank™ so that it may support even more founding entrepreneurs to build successful and sustainable organisations.