Why Good Managers Move On…

March 11, 2022
Key Manager Peer Group

We are currently trading in an employee’s market. There is an abundance of jobs for those who possess skills and experience. So, what are you doing to keep hold of your own talent?

Sometimes staff retention doesn’t come down to money or working conditions. Sometimes reducing your staff turnover comes down to whether people feel valued working for you or not. Whether they feel invested in, supported and are being given opportunity.

As a good employer, you usually know when a member of staff is unhappy, unsettled or not feeling valued. As a poor employer, you won’t be spotting the signs and it comes as a surprise when you receive the negative feedback.

But as an employer of any kind, what you really should be doing in today’s volatile recruitment circuit is invest in your currently retained talent to ensure they never reach that point of considering if the grass is greener.

Generally, those managers with talent crave knowledge, want to be with like-minded people and want extra skills on how to work out problems or deliver better, as well as understanding how to deal with the complexities of a team’s personalities.

Many key managers complain about not being heard or listened to by the executives they answer into. This leads to frustration and a sense of futility that they will never reach goals or have the skills to know how to change that.

Sometimes key managers are given jobs or responsibility they don’t have the skills for and are expected to muddle through and get on with it. This can create a sense of failure or not being good enough and can lead to an incorrect assumption that they are not a capable manager.

And mostly, key managers express that they often don’t feel proactively supported in the role – following training to get them to management level or becoming a manager by accident as it was a natural progression, they are then just left to get on with the job.

A proven and effective solution to all these predicaments is the enrolment of key managers into a peer group. Not only will they feel invested in, but they will also learn new skills, meet career equals with different knowledge and experience to discuss solutions with and develop a newfound confidence in their own ability.

A win-win for employee and employer alike, encouraging the development of a high-performance culture in which talent is nurtured and potential is unblocked.

The Experience Bank Group recognised that this was an important career stage to have peer support, so have launched their Key Manager Peer Group, which starts in the spring.

Facilitated by experienced coaches, carefully crafted to meet requirements, and following in the footsteps of other hugely successful peer groups launched by The Experience Bank Group, the cohorts are filling up quickly.

To learn more about the programme visit www.theexperiencebank.co.uk/key-manager-peer-groups/ or contact peter@theexperiencebank.co.uk